How do you handle emotional outbursts as a mediator?

Emotional outburst isn’t an unusual occurrence during mediation. Due to the conflicting interests of the parties, there is a very high tendency of either or both of them being quite emotional about the subject matter. Therefore feeling overly sensitive and threatened are not alien emotions. Sometimes the outburst could be mild or extreme depending on the sensitivity of the situation. […]

Self-negotiation strategies to resolve intrapersonal conflicts

Every single day, we are faced with the dilemma of making a choice for ourselves. One would presume that because there is no second party involved that it would be much easier to reach a decision, however this is not the case. The choices we have to make daily ranging from the basic things like choosing between wearing heels and […]

Resolutions Through Peer Mediation

Peer mediation is a voluntary process in which a student trained as a neutral third party helps other students settle their conflict. It offers schools an alternative to the traditional disciplinary practices such as suspension and sometimes expulsion. The goal of peer mediation is to reduce conflict and help the student to develop the conflict resolution skills of effective communication, […]